Eurostar Foods Join Forces With StovesAreUs - Yorkshires Largest Pizza Oven Company

Eurostar Foods Join Forces With StovesAreUs - Yorkshires Largest Pizza Oven Company

Why chosing the right pizza oven is so important:

When youve been meticulously making pizza dough and letting it rise, giving it all the time, care and love that it needs, it is crucially important that you cook your pizza in a hot oven.

Thats why we are delighted to have joined forces with Yorkshires finest pizza oven company StovesAreUs .

Stoves Are Us

If youre in the market for your very own pizza oven then there hasnt been a better time to buy one! West Yorkshire-based companies StovesAreUs & Eurostar Commodities are giving away a free bag of premium-grade Italian pizza flour when you purchase a pizza oven from

This giveaway includes Frumenta Italian wheat pizza flour specially designed for producing homemade pizzas! This flour is from Grandi Molini Italiani, one of Italy's largest and most respected flour mills and is ideal for also making ciabatta and focaccia bread.

The gifting doesnt stop here! Once youve tried out this great pizza flour we hope youll be keen to experiment and further refine your pizza-making skills. You can get 15% off selected pizza flour at so join the ever-growing pizza-making community and buy premium flour for your pizza dough today!

We especially love the The Cozze 13" pizza oven which is one of the first electric pizza ovens ever made. It features a high output electric element that provides an even heat distribution across the cordierite pizza stone. This model has a large opening and cooking area that allows you to cook 13" pizza in style, it also comes with a door to allow you to lock in the heat to cook even quicker.

The innovative digital heat management system allows you to set the desired temperature at the turn of a dial. The high power burner heats up to the optimum pizza cooking temperature within 20mins, where at that heat it is capable of making crispy-baked pizza in just 2 minutes. Enjoy environmentally friendly cooking in your outdoor space with the Cozze electric oven. This oven is great for cooking on balconies, terraces and urban areas that do not allow charcoal and gas cooking outdoors.

Whatever your budget StovesAreUs have a fantastic array of indoor and outdoor pizza ovens that will transform the crust and structure of your pizza.



Choosing the right pizza oven depends on your needs, budget, and available space. There are several types of pizza ovens, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some popular pizza oven options:

  1. Wood-fired Pizza Oven: These traditional ovens use wood as fuel, providing an authentic flavour and crispy crust. They are often made of brick or stone and can reach very high temperatures. However, they require more maintenance and time to heat up compared to other types.
  2. Gas-fired Pizza Oven: Gas ovens are convenient and easy to use. They heat up quickly and allow for precise temperature control. While they may lack the traditional smoky flavour of wood-fired ovens, they can still produce excellent pizzas.
  3. Electric Pizza Oven: Electric ovens are suitable for indoor use and are easy to operate. They heat up faster than wood-fired ovens but may not achieve the same level of char and smoky flavour. They are ideal for home kitchens or places where wood or gas options are not feasible.
  4. Countertop Pizza Oven: If you have limited space or want a portable option, countertop pizza ovens are a good choice. They are smaller and designed to fit on a kitchen counter. These ovens are often electric-powered and can produce pizzas quickly.
  5. Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories & Tables: If you really love pizza then you may wish to consider buying items like a pizza peel, dough cutter or even a prep table. These essential pizza making accessories can help to improve your skills and make your outdoor cooking far more fun and rewarding, especially for project for pizza enthusiasts.
  6. Commercial Pizza Oven: If you're looking to start a pizza business or cater to large gatherings, a commercial pizza oven may be necessary. These ovens are designed to handle high volumes and produce consistent results.

When choosing a pizza oven, consider factors like:

  • Size and Capacity: Depending on how many people you'll be serving or the size of your family, choose an oven that can accommodate your needs.
  • Fuel Source: Decide whether you prefer the flavour of wood-fired pizza or the convenience of gas or electric ovens.
  • Budget: Pizza ovens can range from affordable countertop models to high-end, professional-grade options. Set a budget and explore ovens within that range.
  • Installation and Location: Some pizza ovens require professional installation, especially if they are built-in or large outdoor models. Make sure you have a suitable location for the oven.
  • Ease of Use: Consider how user-friendly the oven is and whether it suits your cooking skills.

Remember to read reviews and gather information about specific models to ensure you're making an informed decision. Happy pizza making! Visit the experts at for more hints and tips on making the best pizza at home.

So now you’ve read our article and hopefully we’ve educated enough on the right pizza flour to use for homemade pizzas and best pizza ovens to use. We’re thrilled to let you know that StovesAreUs have a fantastic offer available use discount code ‘pizza4me’ for 5% off any pizza oven today: click here to shop the range!