Our Story

Our journey to becoming one of the UK’s leading specialist ingredients suppliers.

Where It All Began


Philip Bull began his mission to produce a high quality chapati flour. At the time he was working for a well-established flour mill, Hills & Partridge. Philip was driven by the fact that the only chapati flour on the market at that time was made from poor quality 9.5% protein wheats. With a strong passion and commitment for sourcing only the best ingredients, Philip was determined to create a better-quality chapati flour for consumers.



Philip was the first to bring to market a chapati flour with 12% protein. The brand was called Star Atta, a market leader at the time, that blew competition out of the water! The brand later became Gold Star Atta and is still sold on the market today. It is also worth mentioning Philip was involved in the development of a brand called Maharani Chapatti, which is still widely known in the marketplace. The success with Star Atta gave Philip the drive and determination to build his future business, and his brands supplying high end ingredients.

Building The Foundations


Philip set up Eurostar Commodities. A family run business who have now been successfully supplying the finest commodities and ingredients to food manufacturing, wholesale, foodservice, ethnic and retail markets, for over 25 years. Philip and his team have established strong, long-standing relationships with a host of world-renowned producers.

Selection of grains arranged on table

Listening To Our Customers


With an increasing demand from customers for a gluten free chapatti flour it quickly became apparent to Philip that the products on the market were of poor quality, and most were made from starches, fillers and gums. Philip was once again on a mission to create a high-quality gluten free flour his customers would enjoy. Philip and his team also started to receive demand for the other products they supplied to bulk trade and wholesale in small pack sizes fit for consumers.

Eurostar Foods Online Shop Was Born


Popular ranges which have been meeting the demands of the UK’s food industry since 1994, are now available directly to individual consumers. Available in smaller pack sizes. Here you will find an extensive range of niche and exclusive products including a fab range of gluten free products.

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Market Leader Once Again!

2019 - Present

Philip and the team have been astounded by the recognition and praise the flour has received from wholesale trade and online consumers alike with so many customers who are gluten intolerant so grateful to be able to enjoy the foods they have missed once again.


Philip has a strong and committed team supporting both sides of the business including, both his sons, Jason and James, as well as other family, and being a family business continues to be important to us. We operate from a modern warehouse and office facilities located in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. All products are distributed directly to you from here.  

With increasing demand and new development projects, Philip and his team are now investing and expanding their facilities to support growth and increase capacity. This will enable the company to continue developing niche products at a competitive price.

Our aim is to continue to exceed your expectations from the off and as well as our strong commitment to providing only the finest goods and brands, we are known for our exceptional after sales and customer service. It is just as important to us that the product reaches you in good condition and in a timely manner as to the quality of the product itself. We are a business you can trust for quality and great service.

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And Philip?

Philip is still very much involved with the daily running of the business. He is extremely proud of his links with the Asian trade, supplying major wholesalers and retailers across the UK over the years. Philip is also very much involved with new product development and enjoys working with his team to create new and exciting products.

As busy as Philip is, he does manage to get the occasional day off to play his favourite hobby – golf!