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Naweed Iqbal

Gluten Free Medium Brown Chapati Flour

Best alternative chapati flour! Decent ! the chapati is nice and light, easy to handle and tear. Taste just as good as normal chappati flour if not better! Easy to chew and swallow. No bloating after and feels light on the stomach.


Debbie Harris

Nonna Rosa Sicilian Pasta Sauce Set

Amazing taste. These sauces are deliciouse! All different tastes to compliment different dishes (Easy to add to pasta and chicken for a quick and tasty dinner!). I will 100% be buying these again. Would highly reccomend.


Richard Patrick

Kintaro Sushi Rice

Great rice, good price, quick delivery!



Eurostar Gluten Free Brown Chapati Flour

Great service and product as it was hard to find this flour in shops thank you


S Malik

Eurostar Gluten Free Self Raising Flour

The best gluten free flour. I made some gluten free doughnuts for my gluten free daughter, using Eurostar self raising flour and results were amazing. I followed the recipe from Becky Excell how to bake anything gluten free book. Thank you Eurostar for your amazing flours.


Robert Davies

Gluten Free Baking Flours Box

Thank you Eurostar! Great trio of flours. My wife and I have made many wonderful, freshly made gluten free dishes for our daughter who is has Celiac disease. We will be buying more flour once we've run out.



Gluten Free White Chapati Flour

This is the best gluten free atta out there. Its so easy to work with. Gluten free foods tend to have a chalky, artificial after taste to them, however this was very tasty. In fact my husband couldn't tell the difference between this and normal atta. I made parathas with desi ghee. *chefs kiss*


Miriam Jones

La Valle Chopped Tomatoes

These tomatoes are as good if not better than the other ones available in the supermarkets. And so reasonable too! They are sweet and delicious, with a nice thick sauce. I use them all the time, I buy a whole tray of them as it works out cheaper.


Poppy Pilkington Binns

Eurostar Gluten Free White Tortilla Flour

Thank you! I was recently gifted this flour from a relative, and its a game changer! It made the most soft and tasty wraps. My whole family thoroughly enjoyed and you would not have guessed they were gluten free!