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Clean Label

Clean label refers to creating a product using fewer and more easily recognised natural and wholesome ingredients: Ingredients you can pronounce; Ingredients that are non-GM (genetically modified); Ingredients that do not contain artificial colours, gums, additives, preservatives or E numbers.

We focus on health and wellness to create products that we are proud of – from our family to yours.

We are the only clean label gluten free chapati flour manufacturer in the UK! We have worked hard to produce a gluten free chapati flour that offers a workable dough, and produces soft and flexible chapatis that smell, feel, and taste just like the real thing.

Our clean label gluten free chapati flours are:

Made from 100% natural ingredients

Gluten free

Wheat Free


High in fibre

Allergen free

Produced and packed in a gluten & allergen free factory in Yorkshire

100% recyclable packaging