Gluten Free Rotis By Anjula Devi

Gluten Free Rotis By Anjula Devi

Preparation time 10 minutes, cooking time 2 minutes 


  • 250g gluten free flour (I used Eurostar Foods)
  • 180ml lukewarm water



  1. Add the flour into a bowl.
  2. Add half the water and begin to combine the flour and water together.
  3. Then add the remaining water and form a smooth supple dough, kneading the dough for 3-4 minutes. 
  4. Take about 40g of dough and shape it into a round ball. Then place it in some dry flour and flatten the ball with the palm of your hand.
  5. Roll out on a flat surface, ideally using an Indian rolling pin.
  6. Heat the tawa (Indian frying pan). Now cook the chapattis on both sides until golden-brown, taking up to 1 minute per side. 

 Gently apply pressure to the chapatti whilst cooking, with a chapatti fluffer, to get the best results.