Gluten Free Bruschetta

Gluten Free Bruschetta
  • 500g Della Terra Gluten Free Pizza Flour
  • 360ml warm water
  • 10ml olive oil
  • 10g Yeast
  • 14g salt 
  1. Weigh out flour in a separate bowl.
  2. Add yeast to warm in a jug and mix and allow to stand for 3 minutes
  3. Slowly pour yeast / water mix into flour working with a wooden to mix. Don’t worry about the consistency at this stage.
  4. Add salt and olive oil
  5. Using your hands work the mix into a dough ball. Once its begins to form a bowl turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and continue to work into a smoother dough with all the ingredients combined
  6. This mixture can be used right away without resting, however, if time allows leave the dough to rest for an hour in a warm spot. Please ensure that the dough is tightly covered while you rest it
  7. Cut the dough to your preferred size and roll out using your hands (or using a floured rolling pin).
  8. Try to get the dough as even as possible, even at the crusts to ensure a more even bake throughout the bruschetta base


  9. Nonna Rosa Bruschetta Mediterranea with fresh tomato and parsley