Davide D'Auria’s Tomato Sauce A’ Pummarola

Davide D'Auria’s Tomato Sauce A’ Pummarola

Use tinned peeled plum tomatoes for the best pizza sauce – I use Della Terra - 100% Italian tomatoes from Naples, Southern Italy. Della Terra means ‘Of the Land’ and these delicious tomatoes have a high Brix level which is an important measurement of quality and inherent sweetness.


1 tin of Della Terra Peeled Plum Tomatoes

1g of salt per 100g of tomatoes

A few fresh basil leaves to give it that Mediterranean aroma

A few drops of Extra Virgin Olive oil.



Pour the tin of tomatoes into a bowl, and add the salt, basil and olive oil.

Then you can mix the plum tomatoes by hand. Personally I do not use a blender as you will also blend the seeds which we need to give the pummarola its bitter taste.

You can also use scissors if easier, cutting the whole plum tomatoes into smaller pieces.

The aim is to crush the tomatoes and mix in the juice so the pummarola has a smooth and slightly thick consistency.  You do not want a liquid sauce on top of the pizza.

This is not just about the recipe, it’s about the little details and the passion that we put into preparing a simple and genuine tomato sauce for pizza, which I prefer to call a’ Pummarola.

If you do wish to use oregano which is really common and popular in other parts of Italy, then that’s fine; it’s your pizza – it’s a blank canvas to paint whatever you like!