What does Clean Label mean?

What does Clean Label mean?

Clean Label: We are often asked about trends in food, but the one trend we see as being more than a trend, rather a shift in consumer consciousness is in Clean Label.

To understand Clean Label you need to think about it as more than just an extension of gluten free or free from. Clean Label is a statement about health. It is a statement made by consumers about what they do and don’t want to put into their bodies. We take our inspiration from these people.

It’s about taking a stance against over-processed foods that do not give us nutrition and instead cause us problems with digestion, weight, sugar addictions and other non-necessary ailments that can have a long term negative impact on both our happiness and our health. When we refer to Clean Label it is all about having an easy-to-understand label that demonstrates that the food produced is free from extra additives.

 It also marks the initiative to sell or to make products without any artificial ingredients or synthetic materials. The reason this is so important is that people are questioning why some of the staple food sources must be so overly processed and so overly full of additives, chemicals, and nasties.

Having a healthy diet should be easy. Eating well and providing our children with food that is nutritious for them shouldn’t be expensive, nor a luxury. This is why we are committed to pioneering Clean Label production in the UK. Because when we do it, we don’t just deliver Clean Label in one product, we deliver it through our key ingredients, inspiring manufacturers and retailers to create more Clean Label products.

Our Clean Label ingredients exist to make it easy for the food industry to bring people the highest quality Clean Label foods at an affordable price. The future is looking brilliant for Clean Label.