The Latest Trends in Sushi and Japanese Cooking

The Latest Trends in Sushi and Japanese Cooking

Stuart Turner, director of SushiSushi, one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of Japanese and Asian food and equipment, discusses the latest trends in sushi:

“A new take on ‘fusion’ food is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and further afield. This is where chefs take influence from many countries’ cooking styles to create their own dishes and it now seems to be emerging on the fine dining scene.

Today, fusion cuisine is as popular as ever, bringing new and creative ways of thinking about the food we eat. The younger generation demand choice and are no longer afraid to try new things. As multi-national food becomes more mainstream, Asian ingredients like miso, edamame beans, soy sauce and sake are becoming household staples.

Japanese ‘street food’ options are also popular and we have seen a ‘casual dining’ trend move to bars - almost an evolution of tapas that now includes different cuisines. Many bars and restaurants up and down the UK have selected Japanese street food and sushi as their ‘tapas’ of choice. An example of this is Cottonopolis in Manchester where you can enjoy dishes such as chicken yakitori, gyoza steamed pork dumplings or vegetable tempura, served with a variety of Asian sides including sticky sesame rice.”

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