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100% Raw Honey

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Bee Proud Raw Honey is 100% pure honey. Directly from hive to jar, this silky sweet honey is truly beautiful, and offers mild and subtle aromatic flavours.

There are many health boosting benefits associated with eating Raw Honey because of the natural goodness, nutrients and antioxidants that it contains, all of which are usually lost during the commercial process. With Raw Honey you can be certain there are no additives or processing, and it has been neither heated nor filtered. Just 100% pure goodness.

We are thrilled to support Saeed Vatani who is a local and very highly experienced bee keeper.  Saeed has spent many years studying , and nurturing honey bees and whom has a passion to contribute towards slowing the decline in the honey bee population.

We cannot rate this honey highly enough!

As standard with all honeys – this product is not suitable for consumption for any child under the age of 12 months. 

Pure raw honey may crystallise. Warm gently to reverse crystallisation.

Ingredients: 100% natural raw honey.

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