Della Terra Premium Pizza Flour & Tomatoes Range

Della Terra Premium Pizza Flour

Trusted by professional pizza chefs this premium Italian pizza flour consistently gives great results time and time again.

High in protein at 13% Della Terra produces superior quality pizzas! Offers both delicious deep pan, and thin crust style pizzas alike.

Milled from carefully selected high protein wheat with strong gluten, Della Terra absorbs at least 60% water, giving a higher dough yield. Creating a crispy, golden crust and an airy soft base.

Available in 1.5kg, 3kg, or 16kg bags & cases of 8×1.5kg & 4x3kg

Della Terra Premium Tomatoes 

Rich and flavoursome tomatoes, prepared with the finest ripe fruits. Grown and packed near Naples in Italy, our Della Terra  tomatoes are beautifully bright red in colour, and fresh and juicy in taste.

• Genuine 100% Italian tomatoes
• NO additives, dyes or preservatives
• High Brix level of sweetness
• Perfect for Neapolitan pizza