Eurostar Commodities brings multi-award winning, world famous Naples Pizzaiolo Salvatore Di Matteo to the UK

Bellavita Academy in central London came alive with the visit of Salvatore Di Matteo. The buzz and energy could be felt from outside the venue as large groups of the UK’s best pizza chefs assembled to hear from one of Naples favourite sons.

Born in Naples and the descendant of a historic family of pizza chefs the Di Matteo pizzeria (established in 1936) is a mandatory stop for tourists on their travels. There are constant long queues down the road at the pizza shop in via Tribunali, Naples. Indeed, it is true that Salvatore’s mother, Giuseppina worked in the pizzeria in the hours up until his birth.

Working alongside Eurostar Commodities Technical Development Manager Davide D’Auria, himself one of the UK’s most influential pizza chefs, they worked the latest Grandi Molini Italiani flours and explored best practice techniques specifically with the Neapolitan style pizza.

Salvatore said; “What we have to do is bring together the traditional and the modern technical methods to find the perfect balance to make the pizza. I want to help people with techniques that I use so that people in Britain can get the same authentic Neapolitan pizza that I serve in Naples.”

Clare Benfield, Editor, Pizza and Pasta Magazine (PAPA) said; “This is a fantastic event to have the great and good of the industry all together like this, trying out techniques and experimenting together.”

The exclusive masterclass was assisted by Chef Gianluca Proeitti from the Di Matteo pizzeria in Naples with around 60 of the UK’s best known chefs trying out techniques and getting involved.

Eurostar Commodities, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of the finest commodities and innovative ingredients bringing quality Italian food to the UK since 1994.
Philip Bull, Managing Director of Eurostar Commodities said; “We are very proud to bring a pizza legend to the UK. We have excellent direct relationships with Italian producers whom we have worked with for many years. We are seeing a movement in the UK toward a much more artisan approach to Italian food with more emphasis being put on quality ingredients and technique. The pizza is the best I have ever tasted!”

Di Matteo is one of the foremost experts in Pizza in Italy winning the Pizza World Cup for the first time 2011 and again in 2013. He is certified at the European Union Pizzaioli as a ‘Pizzeria and Pizzaiolo s.t.g.’. He has won numerous awards and competitions and has created his own range of gourmet food products called ‘Eccellenze del Sud’. He was the champion in the “Margherita Doc” category in the 2013 “Coppa Italia Pizza di Qualità” and has won awards for Calzone. In the UK he recently starred on TV in ITV’ “Gino’s Italian Escape”.

Eurostar’s technical development manager Davide D’Auria is himself the UK’s best pizza chef making Neapolitan pizza – being placed 11th overall in this year’s World Pizza Championship in Naples in April.
Both chefs are proponents of Grandi Molini Italiani (GMI) flours, another family business operating from the beginning of the 19th century when Antonio Costato started from a small mill on the river Po in Rovigo area Italy.

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For further information about Salvatore Di Matteo please visit https://www.facebook.com/pizzeriadimatteo/ and http://www.pizzeriadimatteo.com