Della Terra Premium Pizza Flour & Tomatoes Range

Della Terra Premium Pizza Flour

Trusted by professional pizza chefs this premium Italian pizza flour consistently gives great results time and time again.

High in protein at 13% Della Terra produces superior quality pizzas! Offers both delicious deep pan, and thin crust style pizzas alike.

Milled from carefully selected high protein wheat with strong gluten, Della Terra absorbs at least 60% water, giving a higher dough yield. Creating a crispy, golden crust and an airy soft base.

Available in 1.5kg, 3kg, or 16kg bags & cases of 8×1.5kg & 4x3kg

Della Terra Premium Tomatoes 

Rich and flavoursome tomatoes, prepared with the finest ripe fruits. Grown and packed near Naples in Italy, our Della Terra  tomatoes are beautifully bright red in colour, and fresh and juicy in taste.

• Genuine 100% Italian tomatoes
• NO additives, dyes or preservatives
• High Brix level of sweetness
• Perfect for Neapolitan pizza



Gluten Free Chapati Flour expands White and Brown ranges into 3kg size

Due to popular demand Eurostar Commodities, the innovative family ingredients business from Yorkshire, is to launch a larger format size 3kg bag for its Gluten Free Chapati Flour White and Brown varieties.

Eurostar Commodities has also increased production of its very popular Medium Brown Gluten Free Chapati Flour available in 1.5kg and 3kg formats. Sales of bulk purchase cases of 4 and 8 units have been introduced to meet increased demand for people to buy in large quantities. Demand has soared by 42% this year as increased quality, and consistent performance puts chapatis back on the menu for people who are gluten intolerant.
Gluten Free Chapati Flour is one of Eurostar Commodities most successful ingredients with an increasing number of customers coming back to make a repeat purchase.

Customer feedback across the board has been excellent with the products drawing consistent 5* star reviews; One customer, said;

“I have to say this is by far the best gluten free atta I have ever tried.”
Philip Bull, Managing Director, Eurostar Commodities agrees; “We’ve had such an overwhelming response to this flour. We find that customers try a 1.5kg bag, and return to stock up on cases of gluten free flour. Chapati is a staple of many people’s diets, and now can they can go back to having chapati back in their diet. Increasing numbers of people are turning to gluten free diets as a lifestyle choice, or for health reasons. Our customers tell us there is nothing of this quality and reliability available, and our development team have been able to create a flour that delivers a truly outstanding chapati or roti with no gluten. We are continuing to develop this range with exciting announcements coming soon for trade

Gluten Free CHAPATI

The Global market for gluten-­‐free food is expected to expand considerably between 2020 and 2025,
from 5.6 billion U.S. dollars to 8.3 billion U.S. dollars*. Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, rye
and barley which has been at the centre of controversy over the last several years. Although gluten is
typically associated with bread and baked goods, it can be found in many different types of foods and

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For further information please contact Helen Trevorrow or Vicky Hague at Green Row on 0794 000
9138 or email
About Eurostar Commodities
Eurostar is an innovative family business from Yorkshire established in 1994. Eurostar supplies over 10,000 tonnes of product to the UK and Europe every year, they are ingredients experts. Eurostar source the finest grains in short supply chains to ensure quality and provenance. Eurostar’s core brands include Kintaro sushi rice, GMI Italian flour, Confucius and Chinese Emperor long grain rice, Crispy Bite pizza flour and Eurostar own brand products. Visit our website or call 01484 320 516. Innovative products for 2019 include:

  • GMI Italian pizza flours – Pizza Italiana, Pizza Verace and Pizza Dorata
    • Eurostar Gluten Free flour -­‐ various sizes & options available
    • Eurostar Gluten Free Chapati flour
    • Della Terra Peeled Plum Canned Tomatoes & Della Terra Pizza Ready Sauce
    • Donna Chiara Dried Pasta Range – various sizes and varieties available


A Day in the Life of Eurostar Commodities’ Marketing Director, Helen Jones

Eurostar Commodities is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fine ingredients.  Helen lives in Huddersfield with partner, Phil and their family

I drive into the office and am usually at my desk for 8.30am. While our logistics team manage the complexities of navigating the global marketplace my day starts with a look at the current campaigns we’re running and how they’re being picked up by our customers in foodservice, food-manufacturer, wholesale and retail.

​We have recently moved to a new warehouse and offices in Brighouse. It is great to be on site with the products so that we can see all of our goods going in and out. When I arrive the warehouse is already in full swing with a very vibrant atmosphere!

I never thought that I would be working everyday surrounded by tons and tons of flour and rice. My background is in marketing and research. I worked for ten years as a Market Analyst followed by a series of management and marketing roles, so my experience over the past 20 years is really in deep analytics and adding value to businesses by understanding their customers.

​This is something that I have brought to my role. What we do as a business; the buying and selling of commodities is something that is quite traditional, and will have been done in Yorkshire for a thousand years. But the marketplace has changed with customers demanding quality and efficiency like never before.

We have increased our supply network which means more product coming through from producers in Europe and all over the world. We have upgraded our systems and processing in accordance with our growing business, ensuring that we are able to efficiently handle large volumes and be as responsive as possible in the service we give to our customers.

​In the mid-morning I will brief our creative agencies and our in-house designer. We are working on the big launch of a new gluten-free flour under the brand, Spiffing. There is an increased demand for gluten-free and it is a huge trend for 2019 and Spiffing will have an entire range of gluten-free products. We are leading the way in terms of quality, so we have spent the last 12 months researching and developing a high-quality gluten free flour for manufacturing and industry. We look at the detail and aim to produce a quality ‘clean-label’ flour that will go on to be used in the food products that you buy daily from your supermarket or high street restaurant chain.

​If most of the team are in we will often have lunch together. My favourite is sushi. We supply sushi rice to all of the UK’s major high street brands and many restaurants too. The products that we bring in are farmed and grown around the world, and as a result they are subject to the weather. It has been a challenge this year because most of the UK’s sushi rice is grown in paddy fields in Northern Italy and the hot weather has caused a shortage. Our unique sourcing network has enabled us to manage this and ensure supplies to all of those sushi brands to keep sushi on the menu for British sushi lovers – including me!

​During lunch we are expecting a big delivery of Manitoba from Canada. According to our in-house technical team this is the finest flour in the whole world. It’s something that we get very passionate about and are excited we can offer it to our customers. It has the highest protein content and when used for high-end artisan baking produces the most delicious baked goods. Lots of artisanal bakers are small so we’ve got a challenge as a bulk supplier to enable smaller buyers to get hold of Manitoba and that’s where I will analyse the market, potentially look at specialist wholesalers and distributors who can access those markets in order to get served in local delis, cafés, bakeries and patisseries.

​In the afternoon I work with our Technical Development Manager Davide D’Auria to assess and taste some of the new products that we are considering bringing to market. We go into the development kitchen. Davide may bring with him doughs that he has prepared in advance so that they are properly fermented. We have a great product called Lievito Naturale which is an improver and gives the effect of a long twenty four hour proof but in a much shorter time frame. We also have an extensive range of high quality Italian tomatoes and seasonings from very reputable producers in Italy such as Fior di Maiella seasonings, Donna Chiara pasta and Alfonso Sellitto tomatoes.

​I regularly have a conference call with our partners in Italy, Grandi Molini Italiani, one of the best flour mills in Italy to discuss any events that we are doing for the pizza trade in the UK.

We are very excited about some of the more natural, healthy pizza offerings that we are creating. Especially a new to market product which we are about to launch, which is a gluten free pizza flour. This is an excellent product and we are delighted with outcome. There are massive challenges around extensibility and flexibility when making a gluten free pizza dough but we believe that we’ve cracked it.

Eurostar’s core brands include Kintaro sushi rice, GMI Italian flour, Confucius and Chinese Emperor long grain rice, Crispy Bite pizza flour and Eurostar own brand products. Visit our website or call 01484 320 516. Innovative products for 2019 include:​

  • GMI Italian pizza flours – Pizza Italiana, Pizza Verace and Pizza Dorata
  • Eurostar Gluten Free flour – various sizes & options available
  • Spinach, sweet potato and beetroot vegetable flours
  • Della Terra Peeled Plum Canned Tomatoes & Della Terra Pizza Ready Sauce
  • Donna Chiara Dried Pasta Range – various sizes and varieties available
  • Gingen drinks


As the humble chapatti features more prominently you need to brush up your home recipe

Chapatti, phulka and roti are all names for the same basic flatbreads that many eat everyday with their meals. Because they are so easy to make, and lend a beautifully textured side addition to so many meals, mopping up delicious sauces and curries, many celebrity chefs are getting in on the act with their own take on the traditional chapatti.

Jamie Oliver is a massive fan of chapatti recommending that people, “load up your warm chapattis with rice, daal and a scattering of roasted veggies, drizzle over the sauce, roll up and tuck in.”

In his signature chapatti recipe he recommends adding olive oil to aid the mixture and he cooks them in a frying pan, for a bit of a British angle rather than over the flame, like most traditional cooks do. Jamie’s recipe incorporate whole-wheat flour and water, mixing and then needing until smooth. It’s a simple and straight-forward approach that you takes very little time. You can read the whole recipe here, and of course substitute the whole wheat flour with Gluten Free Chapati flour if you have intolerances. Jamie also recommends stacking them in foil as you cook to keep them warm until you need them, which we agree is a great idea.

Although we like Jamie’s simple approach we really love Ajum Anand’s slightly more sophisticated advice for home chapatti. Anjum says, “Chapatti adds a chewy, nutty element and are also a perfect way of enveloping your curry and vegetables. They really do add to the meal and are quick and easy to make.”

Anjum recommends using a specialist chapatti flour (atta), as we do. If you can’t get hold of atta then she recommends using half and half – half whole-wheat flour and half plain flour. (However, we tried her recipe with 100% gluten free Chapatti atta and it worked perfectly).

One thing Anjum insists on is NO SALT in the recipe. She points out that chapatti’s sole purpose is to mop up those richly flavoured and highly spiced sauces, so there is just no need to add additional salt into the recipe.

Anjum says; “At home we like to cook them so they puff up and one side crisps up – as in the method below (click link) – but if that seems a bit too much, just cook them on both sides until they have some little brown spots on them.”

Anjum advises that you may not need all the water, as flour absorbs different amounts of water depending on its age and the moisture content in the air. The dough should be just slightly sticky and almost squeak as you knead it, but it will firm up.

After kneading, leaving for thirty minutes and then cutting and rolling out to size Anjum recommends tossing the chapatti from one hand to the other to remove any excess flour. She uses a special traditional chapatti pan called a Tawa. But she advises the best way to puff up a roti is to place it directly over an open flame (with the brown spotted side on the top), using tongs. It will puff immediately; leave it there for 10 seconds until dark spots appear. Anjum moves hers around the flame with tongs and advises that you can still do this on an electric hob pressing the cooked roti down gently on the heat source; as you press one area the rest should puff up.

We’d love to know which recipe you prefer; Jamie or Anjum? Let us know!

Or please send us your own?

Jamie’s recipe

Anjum’s recipe




Eurostar Commodities brings multi-award winning, world famous Naples Pizzaiolo Salvatore Di Matteo to the UK

Bellavita Academy in central London came alive with the visit of Salvatore Di Matteo. The buzz and energy could be felt from outside the venue as large groups of the UK’s best pizza chefs assembled to hear from one of Naples favourite sons.

Born in Naples and the descendant of a historic family of pizza chefs the Di Matteo pizzeria (established in 1936) is a mandatory stop for tourists on their travels. There are constant long queues down the road at the pizza shop in via Tribunali, Naples. Indeed, it is true that Salvatore’s mother, Giuseppina worked in the pizzeria in the hours up until his birth.

Working alongside Eurostar Commodities Technical Development Manager Davide D’Auria, himself one of the UK’s most influential pizza chefs, they worked the latest Grandi Molini Italiani flours and explored best practice techniques specifically with the Neapolitan style pizza.

Salvatore said; “What we have to do is bring together the traditional and the modern technical methods to find the perfect balance to make the pizza. I want to help people with techniques that I use so that people in Britain can get the same authentic Neapolitan pizza that I serve in Naples.”

Clare Benfield, Editor, Pizza and Pasta Magazine (PAPA) said; “This is a fantastic event to have the great and good of the industry all together like this, trying out techniques and experimenting together.”

The exclusive masterclass was assisted by Chef Gianluca Proeitti from the Di Matteo pizzeria in Naples with around 60 of the UK’s best known chefs trying out techniques and getting involved.

Eurostar Commodities, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of the finest commodities and innovative ingredients bringing quality Italian food to the UK since 1994.
Philip Bull, Managing Director of Eurostar Commodities said; “We are very proud to bring a pizza legend to the UK. We have excellent direct relationships with Italian producers whom we have worked with for many years. We are seeing a movement in the UK toward a much more artisan approach to Italian food with more emphasis being put on quality ingredients and technique. The pizza is the best I have ever tasted!”

Di Matteo is one of the foremost experts in Pizza in Italy winning the Pizza World Cup for the first time 2011 and again in 2013. He is certified at the European Union Pizzaioli as a ‘Pizzeria and Pizzaiolo s.t.g.’. He has won numerous awards and competitions and has created his own range of gourmet food products called ‘Eccellenze del Sud’. He was the champion in the “Margherita Doc” category in the 2013 “Coppa Italia Pizza di Qualità” and has won awards for Calzone. In the UK he recently starred on TV in ITV’ “Gino’s Italian Escape”.

Eurostar’s technical development manager Davide D’Auria is himself the UK’s best pizza chef making Neapolitan pizza – being placed 11th overall in this year’s World Pizza Championship in Naples in April.
Both chefs are proponents of Grandi Molini Italiani (GMI) flours, another family business operating from the beginning of the 19th century when Antonio Costato started from a small mill on the river Po in Rovigo area Italy.

Eurostar Commodities UK artisan flour range includes;

Eurostar core brands include Kintaro sushi rice, Frumenta Italian flour, Confucius long grain rice, Crispy Bite pizza flour and Eurostar own brand products. Visit the website or call + 44 01484 320 516. Innovative products include:

  • Grandi Molini Italiani (GMI) pizza flours – Pizza Italiana, Pizza Verace and Pizza Dorata
  • Spelt and Rye Chapati / pizza flour
  • Eurostar Gluten Free and ‘heat treated’ flours – various sizes & options available
  • Crispy Bite durum wheat pizza flour
  • Frumenta pizza and pasta flours – various sizes & options available
  • Spinach, sweet potato and vegetable flours
  • Gingen Teas
  • Della Terra vegetable base pre-mixes
  • Della Terra Tomatoes and various Italian sourced tomatoes
  • Curtoriso rice and risotto mix
  • Fior di Maiella Italian seasonings
  • The Donna Chiara pasta range

For further information about Salvatore Di Matteo please visit and


5 things you need to know about the buoyant pizza market


The pizza market is changing, both in and out of the home. With the combination of the warmer British climate and the appetite for installing pizza ovens in gardens, sales of pizza flour are growing amongst budding ‘home made’ pizza chefs! There are a growing number of pizza ovens in the home which is helping to fuel the growth.


Blending hard and soft wheats, as we do in our Crispy Bite Pizza flour, produces a unique pizza flour blend. It gives the magic added crunch which works so well in wood fired ovens


Pizza is re-entering the market with healthy options – it is true! Bases made with complex carbohydrate and quality sourced grains transform the base into something nutritionally good. We are about to launch a new and exciting pizza flour in the UK. Spelt & Rye pizza flour is a healthy blend of ancient grains, which produce a pizza with higher fibre and lower gluten. It is easily digested and kinder on the stomach as well as having enhanced flavour properties. There is NO discomfort or bloating. Whilst this is not entirely gluten free, the naturally lower gluten contained in spelt and rye also breaks down much quicker than wheat gluten, when digested, which diminishes the unpleasant digestive effects some people experience after eating pizza made with traditional wheats.


While there will always be a place for the quick delivery pizza we are witnessing a renaissance in quality, style and individuality with Chefs and home cooks alike innovating and putting their own stamp on their pizza. Even for the fast food trade we’ve created ‘Frumenta Pizza Manitoba’ which is the same quality ‘00’ flour, blended with a higher percentage of Canadian hard wheats, naturally higher in protein, to allow for a longer leavening period, resulting in a very fragrant and light pizza.


In the ‘out of home’ market, we are seeing significant growth, particularly amongst the bar chains, as pizza provides a simple and cost effective way to retain customers for longer. Small microwaveable stone based pizza ovens allow freshly cooked pizza to be made and served within 2 minutes, with little fuss. Dough balls and pizza bases are more likely to be used in this situation, and this option will also allow them to serve their gluten free customers more easily. Manufacturers are therefore seeing growth in demand from this sector.


Stuart Turner, director of SushiSushi, one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of Japanese and Asian food and equipment, discusses the latest trends in sushi.

“A new take on ‘fusion’ food is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and further afield. This is where chefs take influence from many countries’ cooking styles to create their own dishes and it now seems to be emerging on the fine dining scene.

Today, fusion cuisine is as popular as ever, bringing new and creative ways of thinking about the food we eat. The younger generation demand choice and are no longer afraid to try new things. As multi-national food becomes more mainstream, Asian ingredients like miso, edamame beans, soy sauce and sake are becoming household staples.

Japanese ‘street food’ options are also popular and we have seen a ‘casual dining’ trend move to bars – almost an evolution of tapas that now includes different cuisines. Many bars and restaurants up and down the UK have selected Japanese street food and sushi as their ‘tapas’ of choice. An example of this is Cottonopolis in Manchester where you can enjoy dishes such as chicken yakitori, gyoza steamed pork dumplings or vegetable tempura, served with a variety of Asian sides including sticky sesame rice.”

Visit the SushiSushi website to view its range of Japanese food and ingredients: